London Animation Club – 1st November 2016 with Emma Calder and Nag Vladermersky



Martin Pickles, organiser of the London Animation Club

Before Emma Calder introduced herself, Martin Pickles announced there could be a screening of a film in Hoxton near Old Street due to the pub being used for Christmas parties.

The film about the European Union could be made up of several 5-minute films made by a different country.

Martin received some DVDs by the BFI from Jed Stewart.



Tillions – an abstract-looking magnetic game

Martin demonstrates Tillions.

There is a game called Tillions that consists of magnetic tiles with abstract designs on them and a magnetic board. The tiles could possibly be made into stop-motion animations. Martin gave a demonstration of the game.


Emma (above, left) was the club’s guest in the first half and she discussed the photographer Roger Ballen. She wanted to animate his images in the same way as he made them.

Emma showed some storyboards that Ged Haney designed.

Theatre of Apparitions is a film that Emma directed with Ged and was made using a combination of Roger’s photographs and monochromatic animation.

There is an element of experimental art in Roger’s photography.

Instruments used for the music of Emma and Roger’s work are violins, accordions, double bass and percussion.

Emma believes that if two people collaborate, their work gets the “best of both worlds.” While Ged is good at comic timing, Emma is good at subtle work.

Since I initially did not get the following part of this blog accurate, Emma on Facebook asked me to rephrase it as the following:

“There is an inverse kinetics plug-in available for Adobe After Effects called Duik. Ged would animate his work in Flash and Emma animated her work in Adobe After Effects using a plug-in called Duik Tools. Sometimes the work done in flash had to be copied back into after effects, because there were a few extra things you can do in this program.”

At the moment Emma is trying to re-write her feature film.


In the second half Nag Vladermersky (above, left), who was a guest at the London Animation Club in November 2015, discussed the London International Film Festival. It will take place from 2nd December – 11th December at various venues including the Barbican and Whitechapel Gallery.

There is an animated documentary competition, which sounds intriguing because I learnt about that genre at university.

One film that will be shown at the festival is a Canadian animated film called Window of Horses.

There will also be a screening of classic Disney shorts that will be screened at the Barbican.

Nag showed a film called Don’t Tell Mom (directed by Sawako Kabuki, Japanese with English subtitles). It is very colourful and very risqué. Is is mostly in 2D but has a bit of Stop-motion animation as well. Due to its provocative nature it will be shown in a bizarre adult shorts screening.

The next film he showed was Jukai by Gabrielle Lissot. Is is a haunting black and white stop-motion film. The film has some colourful elements such as yarn the protagonist uses to make her newborn baby a cradle. (Link to teaser trailer on Vimeo)

The last film Nag showed was an Estonian film called Veledrool. It is about bike riding at a velodrome and has a sketchy animation style, bizarre visuals and flat colours.


On the 3rd January 2017, Phil Davies who produced Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom will be the guest at the club.

To conclude, there was a diverse range of animations shown at the club in various styles.

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