My favourite new YouTubers and YouTube channels in 2016

Here is a rundown of my favourite new YouTubers and channels I started watching in each quarter of the year, beginning with some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions

These are some good new channels and YouTubers I came across in 2016 although I can’t remember which quarter I started watching them in. Here they are:

Simply Nailogical

I started watching the Simply Nailogical channel earlier this year when its host Cristine started the ‘100 Layers’ trend where she painted her nails with over 100 coats of nail polish. Her nail art channel is unlike any other on YouTube with a sexy ‘hard-as-nails’ edge to it and amasses a number of tutorials such as nail art with only school supplies and Donald Trump nails that include tufts of her cat Menchie’s hair. Cristine also reviews nail products such as peel-off Frozen nail polish although this review is definitely not for kids. Her Snapchat Stories are also well worth watching.

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time is a Canada-based cooking channel where its main man Harley and his crew cook up humungous dishes such as a giant burger and a fast food-filled meatloaf. They even cook a lasagne in a dishwasher! Towards the end of the year the channel tried out other ideas besides colossal dishes such as a deep fried baked potato, apple pie cones and deep fried chicken pizza. The initial concept of creating giant food reminded me of ‘Man Vs Food’ that I used to watch a few years back.

The Barrys

The Barrys is a spin-off channel of My Virgin Kitchen for weekly vlogs and behind the scenes footage. The channel is named after My Virgin Kitchen’s host Barry Lewis and it is also his family’s nickname. In addition to weekly vlogs and behind the scenes footage featuring the daily goings-on of Barry, his wife Becky (AKA Mrs Barry), their daughters Phoebe and Chloe and their Pugs Boston and Amy, there is a video where Phoebe and Chloe watch and describe the introductions of children’s TV shows from the 1980s and 1990s for viewers to guess and a vlog of the family staying at Center Parks near Longleat Safari Park.

Starler Sisters

The Starler Sisters are Jasmine and Gaby from Bath. Although the channel is at least two years old and was originally Jasmine’s own where she did loom band tutorials at the height of the craft’s popularity, fun challenges with Gaby and taste tests of food and drink from around the world, Gaby has her own toy unboxing and review channel but due to problems with Gaby’s channel such as monetising issues and being unable to upload new videos, they decided to turn Jasmine’s channel into the new Starler Sisters channel. While it still has Jasmine’s original content, it also includes toy unboxing and review channels that were previously on Gaby’s own channel.

Now onto the new channels I remember having started watching in each quarter of 2016:

First Quarter (January, February and March)

Fine Brothers Entertainment

I discovered this channel in a video by called ‘Top 10 Things Children Today Don’t Recognise’ when it included clips of episodes of Kids React where they reacted to old technology such as a rotary phone, a Walkman, a VCR and VHS tapes, cameras that required film and an old computer from the late 1970s or early 1980s as well as clips from ‘Teens Reacts to 90s Internet.’ Fine Brothers Entertainment was founded by Benny and Rafi Fine and includes reaction videos featuring people of all ages reacting to a range of topics such as viral videos, old technology, modern technology and even politics. The channel also had YouTubers and its teens reacting to YouTube Rewind 2016. I find this a highly entertaining channel, hence its name.

Second Quarter (April, May and June)

Ellie Steadman, Krispy Smore, Lilmisschickas and Sam4G0d

These are a few of my new favourite Disney-themed YouTube channels I started watching in this quarter. Ellie was the first out of these people I started watching and when she mentioned (and even collaborated with) Stephie and Dave from Krispy Smore, Charlotte from Lilmisschickas and Sam from Sam4G0d I started watching these channels as well. All these channels have Disney theme park vlogs that are well worth watching and have other kinds of videos such as fashion and beauty videos on Ellie’s and Charlotte’s channels; fun challenges on Stephie and Dave’s channel; and theatre reviews on Sam’s channel.

Third Quarter (July, August and September)

Zoella, Brogan Tate, Aimee Lodge, Alice from beautybyalicee and Cupcake Jemma

Although Zoella is one of the biggest YouTube stars around, I finally decided to give her channel a go at the beginning of July. While her videos are mostly beauty and fashion themed, she also did different kinds of videos such as advice on getting a puppy and a tour of her office space. I find Zoella an amusing YouTuber to watch, especially in her Primark haul where two dogs keep getting in her way and in her 50 Facts About Me video where she dances on the chair with her pyjama bottoms on.

Brogan is another YouTuber I heard about through Ellie and her channel is similar to Ellie’s and Charlotte’s channels but with her own personal touch to it. I started watching Brogan mostly for her Disney and lifestyle videos including her Life Chats videos and weekly vlogs although she also has advice videos for topics such as exam revision, saving money and learning to drive; and hauls of products from Lush, Primark, Home Bargains and the Disney Store as well as travel vlogs of America, Gran Canaria and Greece. I have laughed, cried and smiled at her videos within the four months of watching her channel so far and I look forward to seeing more of her in 2017, especially her New York vlogs.

Before I began viewing Aimee and Alice, I came across them on Twitter, a social networking site that I’ve been more active on this year than any other previous year since I joined in 2009 when it began to become immensely popular. They were both very supportive towards me by liking my Tweets about difficult moments I had in August so I thought it would be a good idea to watch their channels and I’m glad I did. Both their channels have beauty-themed videos and weekly vlogs as well as fun ‘tag’ videos (i.e. Alice’s TMI Tag and Aimee’s Beauty YouTubers Tag). Aimee’s channel also has a beautiful Gran Canaria vlog and a Beamish open air museum montage, which was actually the first video she ever uploaded in 2015 and the first video of hers I ever watched.

As per one of my previous blogs I first heard of Jemma Wilson (AKA Cupcake Jemma) when she participated in the Hellmann’s ‘Find Your Grilltopia’ campaign. Sometime after I decided to look her up on YouTube and subscribe to her channel. Jemma makes an innovative variety of treats and adds some witty charm to her tutorials. Highlights include mini ombré cakes and Jamie Dodger cupcakes.

Fourth Quarter (October, November and December)

Threadbanger, PollyPocketBeauty, Rosanna Pierce and grav3yardgirl

Threadbanger is a DIY channel that has a similar edge to it to Simply Nailogical. Both channels collaborated to paint a car with nail polish and partake in the ‘100 Gallons of Nail Polish’ challenge. These are my favourite videos with Threadbanger so far as well as the pizza pot pie tutorial.

I heard a lot about Cara from PollyPocketBeauty on Twitter and after Alice mentioned her in one of her weekly vlogs I decided to check her out. Like Zoella, Ellie, Charlotte, Brogan and Alice, Cara has lots of beauty videos on her channel as well as fun ‘tag’ videos such as the British Tag and the Furry Friends Tag she did with her cute cat Aurora; and weekly vlogs.

Rosanna Pierce is a beauty and fitness blogger and YouTuber based in Manchester. I first came across her when I saw she commented on one of Alice’s weekly vlogs saying they were realistic and I couldn’t agree enough. I also find Rosanna’s weekly vlogs realistic even though I have watched only two of them at the time of writing this post. Below is her Get To Know Me Q and A video.

Bunny Meyer, AKA grav3yardgirl, is based in Texas. She used to deigned clothes until she was involved in a car accident, as she mentions in her Airbrush Magic! video, that hindered her ability to sew. Although she started her YouTube channel in 2010 she is still a new YouTuber to me and has an eccentric personality. She has collaborated with Cristine from Simply Nailogical twice and while her own channel consisted of “her own paranormal experiences and trips to graveyards” hence her username, she then moved on to fashion and beauty videos “as well as a series called ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ where she tests Out and reviews ‘As Seen on TV’ products such as Airbrush Magic blow-pens.


Which new YouTubers and channels have you discovered throughout 2016?

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