Other Favourite New YouTubers and Channels in 2016

While I have already written a post about my favourite new YouTubers and channels in 2016, I realised that there are a few that I overlooked but still enjoy watching nonetheless. All these YouTubers are female and most of them (Marina and Louise mostly upload fashion and beauty videos) upload lots of Disney-themed videos, which are some of my favourite videos to watch, to their channels, so here they are.

Steph from StephandTheSpaniels (formerly StephanieDreamsBlog)

Steph is a blogger, YouTuber and ‘fur mum’ to her two gorgeous spaniels, Severus (AKA Sev) and Lily, who writes dog-friendly lifestyle blog posts in addition to creating Disney content for her YouTube channel. I first saw her in Ellie Steadman’s Disneyland Paris Halloween 2015 vlogs and decided to further check out her channel. Steph has also made weekly vlogs and dog-friendly travel vlogs. I especially enjoy watching her Disney videos as well as her weekly vlogs and one of her dog-friendly travel vlogs.

Sammy Jayne

Sammy Jayne is a model, blogger and YouTuber from Stoke-on-Trent. I first came across her in Krispy Smore’s January 2016/Christmas Disneyland Paris vlogs before eventually seeing her in Ellie’s vlogs that ran along the same time. As well as Disney-themed videos, Sammy uploads “fashion, beauty and modelling” videos on her YouTube channel plus general vlogs of trips to a cat café in Manchester, Cadbury World and ComicCon in Wales for example. Sammy has a bubbly and quite cute personality that makes her videos worth watching.

Audrey Lee Young

Audrey Lee Young is an American Disney and fashion YouTuber. I first heard of her when she commented on my first Isle of Wight Vlog encouraging me to check out her channel if I’m a Disney fan (I guess Audrey figured I was a Disney fan by seeing my Frozen posters in the background at the beginning) and I did. Audrey is another bubbly Disney YouTuber and I especially like her Disney Get to Know Me and Sibling Tag videos.

Sarah & Squirrel


Sarah and ‘Squirrel’ are a mother and son duo from Exeter. They vlog their general home life as well as trips to Disneyland Paris. Sarah’s channel also includes craft tutorials, such as one she did in collaboration with Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art, and Harry Potter-themed videos. Sarah is a lovely, doting mother and ‘Squirrel’ is a cute and playful little boy.

Marina Joyce


Marina Joyce is a beauty and fashion YouTuber who made the headlines in July 2016 when her fans believed she had been kidnapped by ISIS. Her fans tweeted the hashtag #savemarinajoyce and the police found her safe and well, therefore she hadn’t been kidnapped. In addition to fashion and beauty videos and hair tutorials Marina has done some fun challenge videos including the Emoji challenge with her brother Elliott.

Louise Pentland


Louise is another beauty and fashion YouTuber who has two channels: SprinkeofGlitter and Sprinkle of Chatter. She is the mother to a sweet little girl called Darcy. Her videos with Darcy, AKA Baby Glitter, have been among the most enjoyable for me such as ‘Baby Glitter Does My Makeup,’ ‘Interview with my 5 Year Old’ and two videos about planning and decorating Darcy’s room. I also enjoyed watching Louise’s latest ‘3 Steps to a Good Year’ video where she shares her resolutions as well as three of her older videos last year as a catch-up: her ‘Draw My Life’ video, her ’50 Shades of Louise’ video and her incredibly moving ‘My Pink Hair Story’ that you’re going to need tissues for.



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