Further Thoughts on Receiving Difficult Comments and the WordPress Commenting Procedure in General

After a few weeks away from the blogosphere I am back on the scene. During this time I thought up some more potential topics for future posts and this is a follow-up post to my original one about receiving difficult comments and the one where I announced taking a break.

Unfortunately since the aforementioned posts as well as my HelloFresh post I have received more comments that I was on the fence about. While I saw one half of the comment on my HelloFresh post as a useful piece of constructive feedback, I found the other half rather unnecessary and made me think if it even mattered. It took me quite a while to come up with a suitable reply (UPDATE: I have since deleted the comment as well as my reply to it and edited the post accordingly). On my post where I announced taking a break I received a comment that looked as if the person who wrote it was stalking me. Although I had that thought on the inside I replied to the person saying I was no longer worrying about what they assumed was worrying me (ANOTHER UPDATE: I deleted the person’s comment and my reply to it). The comments that had me on the fence prompted me to think, “Is there a way I can stop people commenting on my blog?”

I Googled the above question and I found an article that showed me how to prevent comments from being added on any new blog posts so I followed the steps and (hopefully) people will no longer be able to comment on future blog posts. This, however, led me to think if there’s a way I can stop people commenting altogether so I Googled again and I found out about a WordPress plugin that prevents readers from leaving comments. I read the article and it advised me to delete any comments left on my posts so I proceeded with removing the comments, including the nicer ones I received (apologies to those who left those more pleasant comments on my post). Next I downloaded the plugin and I went to install it but to no avail because I found out that plugins only work on WordPress business plans, which I can’t afford, and I only have the free plan. Finding out that plugins are only compatible with business plans made me feel guilty for deleting the nicer comments but my mind was at ease when I remembered that I took screenshots of them.

Without further ado, here are the screenshots of comments posted by those who were much kinder to me including my replies to Alice’s comments:

kieranstark's comment

Alice's comment 1

Reply to Alice's comment

Alice's comment 2

Reply to Alice's comment 2

Harriet's comment

Alex's comment

Tracey's comment

Thank you to all those who took their time to leave these lovely comments.