Degusta Box March 2019 Review (Updated 27th April 2019)

In this month’s Degusta Box, I received the following:

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy

I received two bags of these that were slightly smaller than what I can buy in the shops. This is one of my favourite Terry’s Chocolate Orange products. The segments have the familiar orange flavour that we all know and love and the popping candy inside them is phenomenal.

Weetabix On the Go Strawberry

Two different varieties of this came in my very first Degusta Box from March 2017, so it was quite coincidental to have this one in my March 2019 box. Although I have tried this variety in the past, I’ve actually forgotten how artificial and medicine-like the strawberry flavour was. I might not buy this flavour again, but I might try the banana and chocolate varieties again.

Chum Fruit Bites Strawberry and Apple

I first heard of this brand when I looked on the #BlogConLDN 2019 page to see that they were one of the contributing brands at the event. Unfortunately I could no longer attend the event due to illness and I sold my ticket to someone else (people who attended the event received packets of Chum Bites in their goody bags), so I was happy to receive two different flavours of Chum Bites in this month’s box. The bites are triangular and the strawberry ones had a more natural tasting strawberry flavour than that in the Weetabix On the Go Strawberry while the apple ones had an equally true to life apple flavour.

Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bar

I was a bit sceptical upon receipt of this bar as I don’t like the sound of salt added to sweet foods, but when I tried it, it had a good balance of the dark chocolate and nut flavours with the saltiness not being too intense. The nuts had a lovely crunch to them as well.

Ballymaloe Original Relish

Prior to receiving this month’s box, I have tried this relish to accompany my meals at O’Neill’s pubs I have visited and it has a distinctive flavour. The relish came in a cute little jar while the box came with a recipe for ham and cheese toastie with this relish, although I made a toastie without the ham to see what the relish would taste like with just the cheese. The mellowness of the cheese and the tang of the relish were a perfect combination. I would definitely purchase this relish in a shop as well as use it in the ham and cheese toastie recipe.

Moose Juice Extreme Energy Passion Fruit Flavour

I very rarely consume energy drinks, but I was still content to receive this in my box. It is sugar free and unlike other diet and sugar free drinks, it is aspartame free. The drink had a strong yet pleasant passion fruit flavour. Before drinking it, I thought it was going to be orange coloured because that’s the colour I most commonly associate with passion fruit flavoured drinks, but to my surprise it was clear.

Green & Black’s Praline Milk & Hazelnut Centre and Green & Black’s Truffle Dark Centre

Green and Blacks

Green & Black’s is a brand of chocolate that I only have occasionally, so I was pleased to receive two different bars in this month’s box.

green-and-blacks-hazelnut-3 cropped

My favourite of the two was the praline one because I love praline and hazelnut-based chocolates. The praline was smooth while the nuts added some gorgeous texture to the mix.

The dark chocolate truffle bar had an equally smooth truffle filling and its flavour wasn’t as bitter as that of the Willie’s Cacao Pure Gold 100% dark bar that I will review next.

Willie’s Cacao Pure Gold 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

Despite my initial excitement to receive this bar as I have never tried Willie’s Cacao products at this point, I soon began to feel disappointed as this bar was too bitter for my tastes. I used the rest of this bar in some mug cakes I made where I added a banana in one and cocoa powder and other types of chocolate (see picture mug cake) and these ingredients made the chocolate taste slightly less bitter. Personally, I would have preferred to receive the Passion Fruit variety or the Milk of the Stars variety because there are both milk chocolate-based; however I can still have a go at looking for them in the shops so I can try them.

Forest Feast Preda Fair Trade Dried Mango and Fruit Balls – Milk Chocolate, Mango & Coconut

Forest Feast

Forest Feast is a brand that I hadn’t heard of until I received this month’s box.

Forest Feast Mango 2

The Preda fair trade mango was soft and fragrant – it even reminded me of other brands of dried mango I have tried such as Urban Fruit.

The fruit balls were definitely my favourite of the two Forest Feast snacks. They had a smooth and creamy milk chocolate coating and the filling had a perfect balance of mango and coconut. I will definitely purchase them, especially in an Ocado food shop.

Red Red Super Stews – Hot Black Eyed Beans & Tomato

Red Red Super Stew

This is a product that I haven’t tried because I was concerned it was too spicy for my liking (if you’ve read my Degusta Box blog posts before, then you’ll know I’m not a big fan of very spicy food and I only like mild spicy food). I asked my parents, who were staying with me shortly after I received the box, if any of them wanted it, but they too thought it would be too spicy for them. Eventually I asked my sister on Facebook Messenger if she wanted it, but she said her housemate might like it, so I gave it to my parents to pass onto my sister’s housemate. My sister’s housemate enjoyed the pot. Although she didn’t think it was very spicy, she liked the texture and it filled her up for a small pot.

Costa Coffee Mocha Italia Signature Blend

Costa Mocha Italia

This is another product I was going to give to my parents because even though I like the sound of it and I love mocha-based drinks, I don’t have a coffee machine or a cafetière. My dad said that because he doesn’t drink coffee unless it’s decaffeinated, he said I could keep it. When I purchase a cafetière or maybe receive one as a gift, I will give this coffee a try.

Degusta Bpx March 19 Flatlay

All in all, I was very satisfied with this month’s Degusta Box. My favourite items were the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy, the Chum Fruit Bites, the Ballymaloe Original Relish, the Moose Juice, the Green & Black’s praline Bar and the Forest Feast fruit balls. There were lots of chocolatey items inside the box probably because Easter is coming up.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons, I did not film an unboxing video for the March box, so I will resume my Degusta Box unboxing and review videos from the April box. The April box will also be my last Degusta Box unboxing and review video because these videos did not get as many views as my other videos, but I will continue writing blog posts of these reviews.

Degusta Box U.K. website:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. Most of the opinions expressed are my own with the exception of that of my sister’s housemate.

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