Things I’m Grateful For

In my sixth post as part of Louna from Bursts of Autumn’s Blogtober challenge, I will share with you some things I’m extremely grateful for, especially during these uncertain times. 

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The hard work from frontline workers such as NHS staff, shop assistants, emergency services staff, my house support staff and delivery drivers.

Baked Bean Shepherd’s Pie that I made during my week of self-isolation. It was inspired by a recipe in this article:

Having my own flat, which made it easier for me to self-isolate in March 2020. 

Spending 2 nights at my parents’ house before the Newport lockdown. 

My dad being on annual leave so that he could safely drive me back to London before Newport went in a local lockdown. 

One of my many Skype video calls with my parents

Having access to various social media platforms and electronic devices to keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues, followers and YouTube subscribers during lockdown. 

Having access to a variety of news sources to keep me updated on the current situation.

The support I receive from my family, friends, colleagues, house support staff, social media followers, YouTube subscribers and blog readers. 

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Louna’s links 





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