Update on ‘(Probably) the most stressful and overwhelming day of my entire life’

In the post mentioned in the title, things have changed significantly since I wrote it but mostly for the better.

In the post in the title I mentioned my laptop malfunctioning. I got it repaired at my local Apple Store and downloaded the essential software I needed to complete my MA in animation at university. I hadn’t lost all the work on my USB stick even though it cracked open on one side but I did back up all the work I had done so far on a larger external hard drive the night before. I finished my major animation project in early September and I have also had my MA show at university, which I took a couple of housemates plus a member of support staff to see. After the MA show I saw my tutor to discuss the feedback on my major project and despite the setbacks I’ve experienced in the run-up to the final deadline, I have received two indicative A grades for both parts of the project: the final film and the accompanying blog. I look forward to my MA graduation ceremony in December as well as searching for jobs in the animation industry.

To conclude, things have got better on the whole since I wrote the post about possibly the most stressful day of my life.




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