London Animation Club – 4th October 2016 with Rob Munday



Martin Pickles, organiser of London Animation Club

I started attending the London Animation Club in March 2015 as recommended by my former animation course leader at university. It takes place on the first Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm until about 10pm at the Green Man pub on Riding House Street in Fitzrovia, West London and it is run by Martin Pickles. Up until now I have written blog posts on the clubs I have attended on my Wix university online workbooks (links are provided below) but since I have finished university and am no longer updating them I will now write blog posts on each London Animation Club I attend in this blog.

The guest for 4th October 2016 was the animator and director Rob Munday (not to be confused with the holographer of the same name!).


Rob Munday (third from left, centre)

Before Rob introduced himself, Martin announced that a different venue might be used in December due to the Green Man being used for Christmas parties throughout December. At present it could potentially be in Hoxton.

There could be an animated film made about the European Union.

Rob has a film degree where he made live-action shorts.

Rob uses a combination of techniques in his work such as cut-out, pixilation and rotoscoping. He also uses live action footage (for example in Felt Tip Attack).

During the club, Rob showed the following works of animation:

Teddy Goldblatt – a cut-out animation/live-action film about an anthropomorphic lemon’s encounter with a cat.

Rob used a selection of archived slide packs from Camden Library to make Teddy Goldblatt. He named the titular character of Teddy Goldblatt after a man who visited the library.

Lady. Moving. Train. Man. – a short animation based on a film reel.

Ask An Animator – a risqué short animation.

Protect Your Creativity the Hard Way – an advert about copyright protection.

What Is a Man? – a 2D experimental animated piece.

Mechanically Recovered Chicken – Unlike the other animations this one was made in 4:3 format.


Rousseau and the Salmon Man – a combination of cut-out animation and live-action.

Clapperboard – a short pixilated film

Musicircus – a short live-action film

Jump Cut Jeff – a black and white French new wave film.

Towards the end of the club Rob discussed future projects he would be working on.


Rob’s Vimeo account:

Rob’s website:

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