Videos I watched on YouTube this week (7th – 13th November 2016)

As a YouTube addict, I have decided to write blog posts about some of my favourite videos I have watched in the week.

Brogan Tate’s Weekly Vlog #77

Brogan has inspired me to write this post after she wrote her own blog post about YouTube videos she watched this week. I have started watching her videos in August 2016 during the difficult time I had that month. I find her to be a very genuine and down-to-earth person who never ceases to entertain me. Brogan’s channel has a variety of content such as weekly vlogs, travel vlogs, fashion and beauty videos and, of course, Disney-themed videos. I started watching her weekly vlogs when she brought them back after not doing them for a while due to doing a series of life updates videos instead. Her written blog can be found here.

Although this is Brogan’s longest weekly vlog to date clocking in at just over 40 minutes long, I am proud of what she has achieved in this one.

Alice from beautybyalicee’s Weekly Vlog #37

I started watching Alice’s videos at around the same time as I started watching Brogan’s videos. I found Alice to be very supportive towards me on Twitter during my aforementioned difficult time so I decided to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Like Brogan I also find Alice to be down-to-earth and genuine. While her channel mostly consists of beauty product reviews, she also does weekly vlogs that are well worth watching. Her written blog can be found here.

This vlog has some beautiful firework footage plus some cute moments with Alice’s cat Tiggy.

Charlotte from Lilmisschickas’s Weekly Vlog #42

Charlotte’s channel has similar content to Brogan’s in terms of fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and Disney. The two are very good friends and they have even appeared in a few of each other’s weekly vlogs. I have watched Charlotte’s videos for about six months now and while I started off by watching her Disney-themed videos including a few she did with Ellie Steadman (see below for my thoughts on her Disneyland Paris vlog), I began to watch her weekly vlogs when she bought them back after not having done them for quite sometime.

In this weekly vlog Charlotte visits London to see the Aladdin musical, which she thoroughly enjoys. The musical was also featured in videos by Ellie and Sam from Sam4G0d. I also love Charlotte’s Cath Kidston and Winnie the Pooh pyjamas in this vlog.

Emmy from emmymadeinjapan’s Sleeping Pups In a Blanket recipe

I have watched Emmy’s videos for as long as I can remember. Emmy’s channel has an eclectic mix of videos such as weird and wonderful recipes and taste tests of food from around the world.

This is a very cute video where Emmy makes some sausage-filled puppies.

My Virgin Kitchen’s Easy Chicken Bake Recipe

My Virgin Kitchen is another channel I have been watching for as long as I can remember. The star of the channel, Barry Lewis, is a self-taught cook hence the name My Virgin Kitchen. His channel consists of everyday recipes plus ‘Sunday Funday’ videos that include kitchen gadget testing, taste tests, giant food and mini food.

In this video Barry makes baked chicken that is so easy he could prepare it blindfolded (although I would never recommend chopping up ingredients or using the cooker whilst blindfolded). I even tried the recipe myself minus the blindfold and I think it turned out pretty well. I tagged Barry in the photo I put on Instagram and he was impressed with my efforts.


Cupcake Jemma’s Jamie Dodger Cupcakes

I first heard of Jemma Wilson, better known as Cupcake Jemma, when she was featured in the Hellmann’s ‘Finding Grilltopia’ campaign. I decided to watch her videos out of curiosity in terms of wondering if she had her own YouTube channel and she does. She also owns the cupcake shop Crumbs and Doilies in Soho. Jemma has done a captivating variety of tutorials with a touch of her witty charm from mini ombré cakes to a Snickers pavlova.

In this tutorial Jemma shows how to make Jammie Dodger cupcakes, which are Crumbs and Doilies bestsellers. These are cleverly made what with mini Jammie Dodgers at the bottom, raspberry ripple sponge and biscuit-infused buttercream.

Ellie Steadman’s Disneyland Paris March 2016 Vlogs – Day 2 Part 1

Ellie is currently uploading her series of Disneyland Paris vlogs from when she went in March this year. While this part of the vlogs has a rather long segment of a springtime musical show (if anyone knows the actual name of it, please put it in the comments), it has a beautiful set design and a lovely mixture of Disney songs.

React Channel’s Try Not to Smile or Laugh #35 (Warning: contains adult content and don’t watch this with your parents!)

The React channel is a spin-off channel of Fine Brothers Entertainment. It contains bonus footage of the main React series on FBE as well as the ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ challenge. While most of these challenges feature reactors of all ages this one features teens, adults and elders only hence the adult content so watch at your discretion.

This is the ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ challenge that has made me laugh the hardest, particularly the first clip the reactors were shown and one teen reactor implying that the penultimate clip is, “Toy Story gone wrong.”

What YouTube videos have you enjoyed this week? Let me know in the comments.

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