Videos I watched on YouTube this week (14th – 20th November 2016)

Here are some of my favourite YouTube videos I watched this week, kicking off with some weekly vlogs, a tag video, a Disneyland Paris vlog, a ‘What’s on my phone?’ video, a Christmas wish list video, a weekend vlog and a Walt Disney World planning video. Apologies in advance if this post is longer than my previous one but I decided to write a bit of this one each day according to the new videos that were uploaded on those days and it was hard for me to pick just eight videos to write about this time around because I saw so many good ones this week.

Ellie Steadman’s Weekly Vlog #27 (spot the mistake in the thumbnail!) and Disneyland Paris March 2016 Vlog Day 2 Part 2

While I have previously written about Ellie’s Disneyland Paris vlog she uploaded last week, she is another weekly vlogger I enjoy watching besides Alice, Brogan and Charlotte due to her honest personality and the realistic nature of her vlogs. Ellie did not upload a weekly vlog last week because from 29th October until 2nd November she went to Disneyland Paris for Halloween according to her previous weekly vlog and therefore vlogged that trip instead of her general day-to-day life as documented in her weekly vlogs.

In this vlog Ellie quits one of her jobs as the title suggests and has dinner with her cool friend Chelsea, who I’ve seen in many of her videos before. I also agree with Ellie that Donald Trump should not have been made president. To answer her question at the end (she asks a question at the end of all her weekly vlogs, which adds a fun element to them), my favourite television programmes include The Simpsons, Only Connect and The Great British Bake Off when it’s on although this week I started catching up on Junior Bake Off due to missing the original Bake Off so much. On Netflix I like watching Haters Back Off, BoJack Horseman, Full House (originally on TV from 1987 until 1995 but has been made available to view on Netflix when its spin-of/sequel series Fuller House was added) and, without doubt, Fuller House.

In the second part of her second day at Disneyland Paris Ellie eats at the Blue Lagoon (a restaurant next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride), meets Chelsea, watches a springtime parade and a Mary Poppins show and says goodbye to her dad, who spent Ellie’s first night at Disneyland with her, as he returns to the UK.

Brogan Tate’s Weekly Vlog #78 and What’s On My iPhone 7?

I have mentioned Brogan’s previous weekly vlog last week and because I enjoyed it, I thought I’d watch this week’s as well as part of my Monday evening routine.

I sympathise with Brogan in this vlog because she has a cold and I also agree with her opinion on Trump but the highlight of this vlog is when she goes to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton to see a musical adaptation of The Wind In the Willows. This part of the vlog brings back fond memories for me because I remember watching three different film versions of the story when I was younger: the 1983 stop-motion animation version starring David Jason as the voice of Toad; the 1995 2D hand-drawn animation version starring the late great Rik Mayall as the voice of Toad, Alan Bennett as Mole, Michael Palin as Rat and Michael Gambon as Badger; and the 1996 live-action film version starring Terry Jones as Toad. As an adult I enjoyed watching the 2006 TV movie version starring Matt Lucas as Toad and Bob Hoskins as Badger and I also enjoyed reading an abridged version of the original Kenneth Grahame story as part of a treasury called ‘Usborne Illustrated Stories for the Holidays.’

Although this is Brogan’s first ‘sit-down chatty’ video since September, it was well worth a butcher’s because I love technology in terms of my iPhone and iPad and I was fascinated to see what apps Brogan had on her phone, especially if I have a few of the same apps myself.

Alice from beautybyalicee’s Weekly Vlog #38 and TMI Tag

While Alice was apologetic in this vlog due to not doing much, I enjoyed it nonetheless. I could relate to Alice in this vlog in a way because she mentions cutting her finger on the foil wrapping of a chocolate coin and last week I cut myself on paper. Alice also mentioned a lady touching her with a cigarette in another weekly vlog of hers and the same thing happened to me several years ago when a man touched me with his cigarette. Alice exchanges her faulty Apple Watch for a new Fitbit and this reminds me of my dad having something similar although his is manufactured by Garmin.

Alice’s TMI tag was fun to watch. In it she answers 50 questions about herself and tags some other YouTubers to do the same. I learnt more about Alice in this video and I could also relate to her in some ways in this video. We were both born in May (my birthday is the day before hers), we love the Lukas Graham song 7 Years and we are both afraid of bees and wasps.

Charlotte from Lilmisschickas’s Weekly Vlog #43

Like the other weekly vlogs I watched this week I enjoyed watching this one. Despite Charlotte feeling under the weather at the beginning, she feels better halfway through. The most exciting part of this vlog for me is when Charlotte visits the newly-opened Cereal Killer Café in her hometown of Birmingham because there are two in London and I have visited both, especially the one in Brick Lane on my way to university a few times. The idea of Charlotte rearranging her flat with her partner Adam is also exciting because it reminds me of my potential to move to my own flat in the new year.

Aimee Lodge’s Weekly Vlog – I’m Back… and Feeling Christmassy

I came across Aimee on Twitter during my difficult time in August and she was equally as supportive as Alice was towards me so I decided to subscribe to her YouTube channel. Aimee’s channel has vlogs of all kinds such as travel vlogs and weekly vlogs as well as fashion and beauty videos and videos where she shows viewers her favourite things in a particular month.

In this vlog Aimee makes a comeback with her weekly vlogs and is well and truly in the Christmas spirit.

In this video Aimee discusses what she wants for Christmas including Disney DVDs, Lush products and a new vlogging camera.

Cara from PollyPocketBeauty’s Weekly Vlog #19

I have started watching Cara’s channel fairly recently upon recommendation from Alice and Aimee mentioning her on Twitter. Cara’s channel includes beauty-based videos hence her channel name and weekly vlogs.

In this weekly vlog Cara picks the winner of her 1000 subscriber giveaway competition.

Clarey Flee’s Weekend Vlog – Week 2 November and Best Table Services | Walt Disney World

I started watching Clarey’s videos last year when I started going through a phase of watching Walt Disney World vlogs and planning videos. One day I especially wanted to find out more about WDW snacks so I searched for them on YouTube and found one of Clarey’s videos about them. I watched it and I was astonished to learn that Clarey was British so I was happy to see WDW planning videos by someone from my own country. In addition to WDW planning videos Clarey does WDW vlogs, fashion and beauty videos and weekend vlogs, which are in a similar format to the aforementioned weekly vlogs but they typically take place from Fridays to Sundays and sometimes run onto Mondays. In her weekend vlogs Clarey documents the ups and downs of her weekends and is often joined by her fiancé Alex (they got engaged at WDW in September this year) and their gorgeous black Labrador Heidi.

Although this is one of Clarey’s shortest weekend vlogs, she learns a valuable lesson in terms of acting more responsibly for her 31 years.

In this video Clarey talks about her favourite table service restaurants she dined at during her holiday to WDW this year from the Boathouse at Disney Springs to Ohana at the Polynesian Village Resort. This is a very informative video that tells viewers a lot about a few of the eateries on WDW property.

And now onto the non weekly vlog/weekend vlog videos starting with those from the React Channel and the Fine brothers:

React Channel’s Kids Vs Food: Stargazy Pie

In addition to bonus footage of the main React series and ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ challenges, the React channel features a series called ‘People vs Food (remind you of anything?)’ wherein the reactors are given all sorts of unusual food and drink to try.

In this episode the kids are presented with stargazy pie, a pie that has a bacon and egg filling and fish on top. The pie is so called because the fish look as if they are gazing at the stars above. What will the kids’ reactions to the pie be?

React Channel’s Do Teens Know 2000s Music #3?

‘Do They Know It?‘ is a series on the React Channel where people of a particular generation are tested their knowledge of a certain topic, for example ‘Do Kids Know Classic Disney Songs?,’ ‘Do Parents Know YouTube Stars?’ and ‘Do Elders Know Modern Slang?’

In this episode the teens are given a series of popular 2000s song to listen to and they have to see if they know the song title and the artist. This is the best edition of ‘Do Teens Know 2000s’ music yet and although I’m no longer a teenager (I was when most of the songs came out) I guessed the majority of songs correctly.

React Channel’s Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #7 (ft. FBE Staff) (Warning: Contains mild language. Watch at your discretion)

This video is similar to the regular ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ series albeit with staff who work for Fine Brothers Entertainment.

While I enjoyed this video I didn’t find it as funny as the video I wrote about in last week’s blog probably because the staff watched the same clips as the reactors did, particularly the one with the little girl falling out of a swing and the one where things go wrong for Elvis.

Fine Brothers Entertainment’s Sample School: Eminem – My Name Is

Sample School is a new series of videos from Fine Brothers Entertainment, the channel behind the main React series, the React spin-off channel, the Try Not to Smile Or Laugh challenge and People vs Food. The series focuses on dissecting popular songs to determine if they were sampled or not. The song featured in this episode is Eminem’s My Name Is, which samples Labi Siffre’s 1975 song I Got The… When I first heard My Name Is, I had no idea it was sampled until I saw another YouTube video that featured songs and their samples.

Fine Brothers Entertainment’s Elders React to ‘Andy’s Coming’ Challenge

This is the first episode of the main React series from Fine Brothers Entertainment I am writing about in this blog. In this episode a panel of elderly people watch and react to a series of videos about the ‘Andy’s Coming’ challenge wherein large groups of people are shown, one person calls, “Andy’s Coming!” and everyone immediately drops down on the floor. The challenge is based on the Toy Story franchise where toys belonging to a boy named Andy come to life when he is not around them but when he is approaching his room they shout, “Andy’s coming!,” drop down to the floor and stay still for when he returns, thus making this a more innocent mention of Toy Story as opposed to it being mentioned in last week’s ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ challenge. There is a different version of the challenge that is also featured in this video albeit with a political twist and the elders even get a chance to replicate the challenge themselves.

I found both the challenge and reaction video to be amusing to watch and I want to see more of the trend while it is still viral.

Tammy from yoyomax12’s Homemade Cherry Blossom recipe

I have been a long time viewer of Tammy’s channel where she makes all kinds of yummy treats. I once made some peanut butter Easter bark that was inspired by two of her recipes (see below). In this video Tammy replicates a Canadian (FYI she is Canadian) candy delicacy called Cherry Blossom, which is a thick coconut and peanut chocolate shell with fondant and a maraschino/glacé cherry in the centre. I especially like how Tammy improvises with plastic egg cartons as moulds for her homemade versions of Cherry Blossom.


Brooklyn and Bailey’s Disney Princess Holiday Dinner in Real Life

Brooklyn and Bailey are American teenage twin sisters with a subscriber base of over 3 million. Their channel consists of videos such as “family vlogs, crafting, fashion and beauty” as well as fun challenges.

This video is inspired by Rachel from Rclbeauty101’s Disney Princess comedy sketches. Here Brooklyn and Bailey dress up as Snow White and Belle respectively and they invite other princesses over for a holiday (presumably Thanksgiving) dinner including newcomer Moana. The sketch contains many tounge-in-cheek references to Disney Princess films and while this thoroughly entertained me and even made me laugh I felt that they should have included Anna from Frozen in addition to Elsa.

Sarah from SoCraftastic’s Pantyhose into Art!? DIY Nylon Sculpture tutorial

Besides cooking tutorials on YouTube, I enjoy watching craft tutorials as well. Sarah’s channel provides innovative craft ideas such as a candle with melted crayons on top, painting with Skittles and holographic phone cases.

In this video Sarah makes a sculpture out of a wooden base, some metal wire, a pair of tights (pantyhose in America) and paint. The final result is intriguing and a great way to recycle old tights.

Rosanna Pansino’s DIY Thanksgiving and Leftover Recipes tutorial

Rosanna’s main cooking show on her channel is Nerdy Nummies where she makes ‘nerdy’ treats that are often based on video games, films, social media and TV shows. Examples include Pokémon cake pops, Emoji cookies and Minions cupcakes.

While this video is different from her main Nerdy Nummies series, it is still clever in terms of Rosanna making stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole and turning their leftovers into stuffing muffins, sweet potato pancakes and turkey sandwiches.

FunWithGuru’s 8 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future

FunWithGuru is a YouTube channel that is devoted to ‘Easter eggs’ (hidden features) in video games, films and TV.

As a fan of The Simpsons, I decided to watch this video despite having viewed a WatchMojo countdown video on the same topic although this one is more up to date.
Events The Simpsons have predicted include the September 11th 2001 attacks, the horse meat scandal and Trump being elected as president.

Emmy from Emmymadeinjapan’s Emmy Eats Pennsylvania #2

While I mentioned Emmy and her sleeping puppies video in last week’s blog, I decided to write about her again because I thoroughly enjoy watching her Emmy Eats series where she tries food and drink from around the world.

In this episode of Emmy Eats, Emmy tries coffee and treats from the state of Pennsylvania. Treats include chocolate covered animal-shaped cookies and even chocolate covered crisps/potato chips!

My Virgin Kitchen’s Mini Cheese Steak Sub

Last week I mentioned Barry from My Virgin Kitchen cooking a chicken bake that was so easy he could assemble it blindfolded (I had a go at it myself minus the blindfold). Here I’m going to discuss one of his Sunday Funday videos. As the name suggests Barry uploads these videos every Sunday and they consist of taste tests, kitchen gadget testing, giant food and mini food.

In this Sunday Funday video, Barry makes a miniature Philly cheesesteak, which is basically a minuscule version of his original Philly cheesesteak recipe. The objective of Barry’s Mini food videos is to make food small enough to fit on a tiny ‘Winnie the Pooh knock-off’ plate. Barry does a good job making the mini Philly cheesesteak because it’s an accurate representation of a normal-sized one albeit at a smaller scale.

Donal Skehan’s How to make… Cola Glazed Ham Recipe!

Donal Skehan is an Irish cook who has made a variety of recipes on his channel, including one pan pasta inspired by Martha Stewart’s recipe. I once made a barbecue chicken one-pan pasta, which was in turn inspired by Donal’s method, and it turned out beautifully.


In this video Donal makes some baked ham glazed in cola with a festive twist. This is a lovely little recipe and it reminds me of when my mum made slow-cooked gammon in cola for the past two Christmases.

SORTEDfood’s 6 Kitchen Gadgets – Tested By Idiots | FridgeCam

SORTEDfood is a British cooking YouTube channel and website where its main team members Barry, Mike, Ben and Jamie make recipes that are inspired by their followers. They upload episodes of their FridgeCam show every Wednesday and Sunday at 4pm.

In this video the guys make two recipes out of leftover turkey – savoury turkey crumble and turkey Báhn Mì – and test six kitchen gadgets.

Jambareeqi’s “Puppet Panic” – Barney’s Great Adventure (Feat. Whyboy) (Warning: contains strong language. Watch at your discretion)

Jambareeqi is a film, animation and puppetry reviewer who posts one episode of his main review show ‘Jambareeqi Reviews’ a month. I’m a fan of his and I met him twice at the Alcon anime convention at Leicester in 2014 and last year.

In addition to his main review series he does two other series of reviews called ‘Jambareeqi Shorts’ where he reviews short animated films and ‘Puppet Panic’ where he reviews works of puppetry. In this episode of ‘Puppet Panic’ he reviews Barney’s Great Adventure in collaboration with Whyboy from the YouTube channel ToonGrin.

Because this post is very long, I will write two separate posts about YouTube videos I watched in the week as of next week: one devoted to weekly vlogs and weekend vlogs and the other dedicated to other types of videos.

Let me know in the comments which YouTube videos you enjoyed this week.

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