Videos I Watched On YouTube This Week (21st – 27th November 2016)

Here are the videos I enjoyed watching on YouTube this week, starting off with those from the Fine Brothers Entertainment and React channels.

Kids and Their Parents React to Beauty and the Beast trailer

In this episode the kids react to the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film trailer with their parents. They also compare the characters from the original animated film to those in the live action version. The trailer as seen in this episode looks stunning like the original film and the reactions to it are spot on although I should consider watching the trailer on its own to fully appreciate it.

React Channel’s ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ Challenge #36

While I have already written about this challenge, this is the first time I have written about a ‘Try Not to Smile or Laugh’ video featuring reactors of all generations. The funniest clip in this challenge for me is the ‘Jeffardy’ (a parody of ‘Jeopardy’) game show clip and I especially laughed when one reactor was crossed off with a red rectangular outline with ‘Jeff’ written inside it instead of a regular cross.

Teens and Adults vs Hottest Pepper challenge

In this edition of ‘People Vs Food,’ the teens and the adults collaborate for the first time to try the Carolina Reaper pepper, the hottest pepper in the world. Can they handle the heat? Watch this video to find out…

Teens React to Themselves On Kids React (NigaHiga)

In this episode the teen panellists Darius, Dylan and twins Megan and Shannon react to themselves when they reacted to the YouTube star Ryan Higa, AKA NigaHiga, when they were on Kids React.

Full episode of Teens React to NigaHiga (Ryan Higa)

In the full episode Megan, Shannon, Dylan and Darius are joined by other teens such as Thomas and Everhet, who were also previously on Kids React, to react to NigaHiga.

React Channel’s Guess That Song Challenge #8 (ft. FBE Staff)

Guess That Song is a challenge that members of Fine Brothers Entertainment staff participate in. While up to the first 15 seconds of each song was played in previous editions, staff members are played up to 15 seconds of any part of the song, which presumably makes the challenge more difficult and explains why I couldn’t guess any of the songs when I heard the first few seconds of them even though I knew most of the songs in this challenge. Also in this edition one half of the Fine Brothers, Rafi, participates while Benny provides the voiceover.

And now for the rest of the videos I enjoyed this week, including two ‘trending’ videos.

Gemma Stafford’s basic apple sauce recipe and Gemma Stafford’s Seasonal Egg Free Microwave Mug recipes

Gemma Stafford is an Irish professional baker who resides in Los Angeles. She uploads two videos to her YouTube channel a week: a basic recipe on Mondays and a main recipe on Thursdays. I have been watching Gemma’s channel for just over a year now and I can’t explain how innovative her recipes are, especially her mug recipes.

In the first video of hers Gemma makes some apple sauce, which is a common substitute for eggs for those who cannot eat eggs due to dietary requirements.

In this second video Gemma makes three different seasonal egg free mug cakes; gingerbread, pumpkin and hot chocolate. I would most certainly give these recipes a try, especially if I have tried some of her mug recipes before such as the mugrito (burrito in a mug or, in my case, a bowl because I didn’t have a big enough mug!) and the mug chocolate brownie.’s Top 10 Biggest Clichés in Hip Hop and Rap Music is a Canadian entertainment company that uploads daily countdown videos to its YouTube channel. The countdown videos cover a range of topics such as film, television, animation, music, video games, food and drink.

In this video the top 10 biggest clichés in hip hop and rap are counted down. They include artists introducing themselves at the beginning of the song, dissing other rappers and the use of air horns and gunshots.

MsMojo’s Top 10 Favourite Disney Makeovers

MsMojo is similar to WatchMojo albeit aimed at a female audience. Its countdown videos cover the same topics as WatchMojo as well as topics of interest to young millennial females.

MsMojo has recently uploaded several Disney-themed countdowns and this one focuses on Disney makeovers featuring characters such as Mulan, Ariel and Tiana.

Jacy and Kacy’s Minute to Win It Thanksgiving Edition

Jacy and Kacy are young American sisters who live in Florida. In addition to their eponymous channel where they do fun challenges, they have a craft channel called Craft Life that I particularly watched when the loom band craze was in full swing. While they haven’t uploaded any videos to their Craft Life channel for a while they upload to their eponymous channel more regularly usually on a Monday but they sometimes upload surprise videos on other days of the week. Last year I sent them a package of British sweets to try and they made a video of themselves trying the sweets. Nowadays due to allergies Jacy and Kacy advise their subscribers, also known as their Beach Family, not to send them any food or candy.

One challenge of Jacy and Kacy’s is the ‘Minute to Win It’ challenge where they each have a minute to complete a particular task. The first one to complete the task wins. In this edition they complete a series of Thanksgiving-themed tasks. 

April from CookWithApril’s Bananas Foster recipe

CookWithApril is an innovative cooking and baking channel hosted by a lady called April, which is partly why I decided to subscribe to this channel because she has the same name as me! April uploads a new recipe every Tuesday.

In this video April shows how to make bananas foster, a dessert with banana slices in rum sauce and ice cream. 

CinemaSins’ Everything Wrong with Pocahontas (#27 trending video on YouTube at my time of viewing)

CinemaSins is a channel that produces videos that point out flaws in films. Spin-off channels are BrandSins and Music Video Sins.

In this video the narrator tallies up the flaws in Disney’s ‘Pocahontas,’ which was one of my favourite Disney films as a child that I still enjoy nowadays, especially for its soundtrack.

Krispy Smore’s WDW vlogs

Krispy Smore consists of Stephie and Dave, two British people who met whilst working at Walt Disney World. Their videos are predominantly Disney-themed and show them visiting Disneyland Paris and WDW but they have also done other kinds of videos such as a series of ‘Fit for Florida’ weekly vlogs and challenges. The current series of videos shows them visiting WDW on their most recent trip in September – October this year and they are uploaded every Tuesday and Friday.

In the first video they uploaded this week, Stephie and Dave say goodbye to some friends at the Magic Kingdom who were leaving Orlando and spend the rest of the day at Epcot.

In the second video Stephie and Dave continue with their time at Epcot by trying some international delicacies at the Food and Wine Festival and having dinner at the Le Collier Canadian steakhouse.

Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies: Teen Wolf cake

In this episode of Rosanna’s main cooking show she makes a cake based on the ‘Teen Wolf’ television series. While the cake looks simple yet effective, I initially thought the cake was based on the ‘Teen Wolf’ film. 

Sam from Sam4G0d’s Hamley’s toy parade

Sam’s channel has a mixture of Disney-themed videos and theatre vlogs and reviews. Her channel also features more general vlogs and challenges.

In this vlog Sam and her friend go down Regent Street to see floats of children’s toys and characters as well as meet children’s characters in the flesh.  

Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio’s Homemade Jolly Rancher 

and Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio is hosted by a Canadian woman named Jenn Johns. Jenn creates several cutting-edge recipes from cakes to homemade candy.

In this video Jenn shows how to make a homemade version of Jolly Rancher, a fruity hard boiled candy from America and possibly Canada too, and lollipops.

Yolanda from How To Cake It’s Sweet potato and marshmallow cake

How To Cake It is hosted by another Canadian baker named Yolanda Gampp. She is sometimes referred to as “the Beyoncé of cakes” and bakes impressive colossal cakes from a candy pyramid cake to a dinosaur cake she made for her young son.

In this video Yolanda makes a sweet potato and marshmallow cake where she uses her standard carrot cake recipe but replaces the grated carrot with grated sweet potato and cinnamon with ginger.

Lucky Penny Shop’s Brazilian Orange Pocky

Lucky Penny Shop is a family-friendly YouTube channel that features toy and snack reviews plus slime experiments. 

In this video Dave from the channel tries Brazilian Orange Pocky, which are Japanese biscuit sticks that come in a variety of flavours. 

Ellie Steadman’s Disney Parks tag

While I have already written about Ellie’s weekly vlogs and Disneyland Paris vlogs, I thought I’d write about one of her ‘main channel’/’sit-down/chatty’ videos that she uploads every other Wednesday in this blog. She has also presented The Disney Scoop for the Attraction Tickets Direct YouTube channel that I will discuss in more depth below.

In this video Ellie answers 10 questions about Disney theme parks and she was tagged by fellow Disney YouTuber Adam Hattan to answer them. 

Attraction Tickets Direct’s Disney Scoop Q&A with Ellie

The Disney Scoop was a series of videos on the Attraction Tickets Direct YouTube channel that spawned two episodes a month. The first episodes featured Ellie bringing the latest news on Disney theme parks from around the world. The second videos featured Ellie answering any Disney-related questions that viewers asked her, which is the case in this video. This seems to be the last ever episode of The Disney Scoop for the time being but it might come back one day. Watch this space…

Zoella’s What’s In My Bag? 2016 edition (#7 trending video on YouTube at the time of my viewing)

Zoella is a popular British YouTube personality who has over 11 million subscribers. Her videos on her main channel are mostly beauty and fashion-themed but she also does vlogs on her extra channel More Zoella.

In this video Zoella shows viewers what’s inside her Zoella Lifestyle bag, which as the name suggests is from her own range, including an innovative new HP pocket-sized printer that requires no ink and her own-brand cosmetics.

Student Mealz Sweet Nachos Dessert video

Student Mealz is a Belgium-based cooking channel that features cheap and easy student recipes. I remember searching for student recipes on YouTube one day while I was still at university and I came across this channel and I decided to subscribe to it because I saw how it stood out from the rest. The channel is hosted by two students named Tess and Leo.

In this video Leo makes nachos with sweet toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This is a weird and wonderful recipe and I might give it a go myself although I will use toasted cut-up tortilla wraps  instead of using Doritos.

Screen Rant’s 10 Adult Jokes Cleverly Hidden in Kids’ Movies

Screen Rant is a YouTube channel that makes “list videos of Movie and TV facts on a regular basis.”

In this video are 10 adult jokes that have been smartly smuggled into children’s films and tend to fly over children’s heads. Films featured include ‘Zootropolis (2016),’ ‘The Cat In the Hat (2003)’ and ‘Despicable Me (2010).’ While I have seen similar videos to this elsewhere on YouTube I thought this would be the most up to date one to write about although the adult jokes in ‘Zootropolis’ and ‘Despicable Me’ are not quite as ‘naughty’ as those in the other films mentioned.

My Virgin Kitchen’s Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Rainbow grilled cheese is one of this year’s hottest food trends. While I have previously seen videos of POPSUGAR Food’s Brandi Milloy and Tammy from YoYoMax12 making this delicacy, Barry Lewis tries it himself.

David Walsh’s Silver Play Button Unboxing

David Walsh is an Irish YouTube-certified consultant who uploads videos with tips on how to make the most of YouTube.

This video is a little different from what he normally uploads. David recently reached 100,000 subscribers and received a silver Play Button award so in this video he unboxes the award.

Red Ted Art’s Kawaii Juice Carton Pen Pots

Red Ted Art is a children’s art and craft channel hosted by Maggy Woodley. I subscribed to this channel upon recommendation from Sarah from Sarah & Squirrel when she collaborated with Maggy to make clay Minnie Mouse ornaments with sea shells.

In this video Maggy shows how to recycle juice cartons into cute animal pencil pots.

Channel Awesome’s Battle of the Commercials – Nostalgia Critic

Channel Awesome is the official YouTube channel for Doug Walker, AKA the Nostalgia Critic. Doug reviews nostalgic films and TV shows or any film that is not currently showing in the cinema with a critical eye although he has sometimes given these forms of media more positive reviews, most notably the Disney television series ‘Gargoyles.’ Doug also analyses nostalgic commercials although as far as I can recall the most recent advert Doug has criticised was for Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise, which is a doll that ‘poops’ out charms!

In this edition of the Nostalgia Critic’s commercials series Doug looks at adverts for Frosted Flakes (known as Frosties in the U.K.), the electronic game Simon, Burger King and the original Game Boy to name just a few. He even reviews a British electrical safety advert that includes footage from the 1988 public information film ‘Powerful Stuff’ that I remember watching at primary school and rediscovered on YouTube a couple of years ago.

Jambareeqi’s Will Cars 3 Be Really Dark?

Last week I wrote about Jambareeqi’s collaboration with Whyboy when they reviewed ‘Barney’s Great Adventure.’ In this video he gives his views on the ‘Cars 3’ teaser trailer and determines if it will be very dark or not.

Becca Lammin’s Break Up Video

Becca Lammin is a British YouTuber whose channel has a variety of content such as beauty product reviews, comedy sketches and general lifestyle videos.

In this video Becca explains why she and her ex-boyfriend Jake AKA MrClemmence, who appeared in several of her previous videos, broke up.

Ann Reardon from How To Cook That’s 5 Kitchen Gadgets Clever or Never?

Ann Reardon is an Australian baker who makes cakes and desserts much like Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio and Yolanda from How To Cake It (not to be confused with How To Cook That!).

In this video Ann and her husband Dave test out five kitchen gadgets to see if they are clever or if they will never use them again. They include a batter dispenser and a sushi maker.

Brogan Tate’s Ikea Haul

In this video Brogan shows some bits and pieces she brought from Ikea for her flat.

Starler Sisters’ Polish Food Taste Test 4

The Starler Sisters consist of Jasmine and Gaby Starler. They live in Bath in the U.K. and their channel includes general vlogs, challenges, taste tests and toy unboxings and reviews.

In this video Jasmine and Gaby try a range of snacks and a drink from Poland as well as a drink from Latvia.

Elise from My Cupcake Addiction’s Top Xmas Desserts for the Holidays

Elise Strachan is a New Zealand-born, Australia-based baker who makes cakes and other treats also in a similar manner to Jenn Johns and Ann Reardon. She also has a cookbook called ‘Sweet! Celebrations.

This video is a compilation of various intriguing festive-themed sweet recipes, some of which are from Elise’s cookbook, and they include Rudolph surprised nose cookies, Santa-stuck-in-chimney treats and a Disney ‘Frozen’ snow globe cake.

Epic Meal Time’s Deep Fried Baked Potato

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian YouTube cooking show where the main man Harley and his fellow crew members make colossal dishes much like those in ‘Man Vs Food’ such as a gigantic burger and a meatloaf filled with fast food items. They have even made a lasagne that they cooked in a dishwasher!

In this episode Harley makes a deep fried baked potato. This episode appeared to be in a different style from previous episodes because Harley does not swear in this one but in previous ones he has sworn with stronger words being censored by the sound of a crow caw.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical’s Nail Polish Markers video (Warning:  contains bleeped strong language and mild profanity – watch at your discretion)

Simply Nailogical is a nail art tutorial channel that has an edge to it. It is hosted by a Canadian woman called Cristine Rotenberg who started a ‘100 layers’ trend earlier this year by painting her nails with over 100 coats of nail polish.

In this video Cristine tries out some nail polish markers but how do they compare to actual nail polish?

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Hasselback Potatoes

Jamie Oliver probably requires no introduction but in addition to his many cookbooks and television series he also has his own YouTube channel with a show called Food Tube.

In this video Jamie makes some festive hasselback potatoes (potatoes that have had several slits cut into them before baking), carrots and parsnips with a little help from his youngest daughter Petal and his son Buddy.

What videos have you enjoyed watching on YouTube this week?

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