Videos I Watched On YouTube This Week (21st – 27th November 2016) – Weekly Vlog and Weekend Vlog Edition

Brogan Tate’s Weekly Vlog #79

In this weekly vlog Brogan addresses an issue in her personal life that I would rather not share due to respecting her privacy and gets a makeover.

Alice Snell from beautybyalicee’s Weekly Vlog #39

As the title suggests Alice purchases a new pair of glasses that look very smart and there are a couple of moments that make me smile such as cuddles and kisses with her cat Tiggy and her dad talking in the background.

Ellie Steadman’s Weekly Vlog #28

I could relate to Ellie a bit in this vlog by also having a Nando’s on the Monday. Also in this vlog Ellie shares her opinions on the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer (see what the panel of kids and their parents on Fine Brothers think of it here) and spends some time with Steve Riley, co-host of a podcast called Dedicated to DLP.

To answer Ellie’s question towards the end the things I’m looking forward to the most at the moment are my MA graduation ceremony, an exhibition at my university about narrative contexts in animation and architecture and spending Christmas with my family.

Aimee Lodge’s Weekly Vlog: Car Chats & Perfect Hot Chocolate

Aimee also shares her thoughts on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer, enjoys a North Eastern delicacy of a chip butty, has some chats in her car and makes her idea of perfect hot chocolate. To answer her question at the end my favourite thing to do at Christmas is to spend it with my family.

Charlotte from Lilmisschickas’s Weekly Vlog #44

Like Ellie and Aimee, Charlotte gives her views on the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ live action trailer. She even gives Ellie and Brogan mentions, which is really cool because I also enjoy watching them and Charlotte has met them both. Charlotte also packs for her trip to Disneyland Paris and watches ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

Cara from PollyPocketBeauty’s Weekly Vlog #20

In this weekly vlog Cara creates a Bitmoji avatar of herself to use with her Snapchat. I sympathise with Cara in this vlog because she discusses a family bereavement that occurred a long time ago and I could also relate to her in terms of losing my grandmother 16 years ago.

Clarey Flee’s Weekend Vlog

In this Weekend Vlog that Clarey started on a Thursday as opposed to a Friday she does a Lush Christmas haul and shares her opinions on Christmas adverts for retailers such as John Lewis, Asda, Tesco, and Marks and Spencer.

What weekly or weekend vloggers have you enjoyed this week?

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