Degustabox June 2017 Review


12. Products in June box


This is what I thought was going to be my last ever Degustabox review since I initially cancelled my subscription before writing this post due to Degustabox repeatedly sending me items I feared were too spicy for my tastes despite opting not to receive any spicy food upon signing up. In April 2018 I resubscribed to Degustabox and if I receive any items I feel I won’t like I will give them to others or donate them to my local food bank.

Without further ado, here are the items I received in my final box:

Haribo Starmix Summer Frenzy Berry Flavours and Haribo Tangfastics Summer Frenzy Ice Cream & Sorbet Flavours

2. Haribo Summer Frenzy 1

I have tried limited editions of Haribo Starmix and Haribo Tangfastics before so I was excited to receive these in my Degustabox.

3. Haribo Summer Frenzy 2

The Starmix includes the following sweets and flavours: blueberry (remember the Blue Bear’ries from 2013?), blackberry and raspberry bears; cherry hearts; pomegranate and cranberry bottles; strawberry fried eggs; and mixed berries rings. These were very pleasantly flavoured, especially the strawberry fried eggs and the cherry hearts. The return of the Blue Bear’ries was worthy but they tasted a little artificial.

14. Haribo Starmix on plate

The Tangfastics include the following sweets and flavours: passion fruit ice cream, mango ice cream, bubblegum ice cream, watermelon (remember the Tangfastics watermelon slices also from 2013?) ice cream and peach ice cream crocodiles; rhubarb and custard ice cream cherries; peach and guava sorbet (I didn’t get any of these in the bag in the box so I bought another to try them) and mango and passionfruit sorbet dummies; and pink grapefruit sorbet bottles. The crocodiles seemed to have had an ice cream flavoured foam much like the Haribo Minions with foam backs. My particular favourites in this mix are the bubblegum ice cream crocodiles and the mango and passion fruit sorbet dummies.


ENRJ Energy Juice

4. ENRJ energy juice

I was intrigued to receive these in the box since the concept of fruit juice with added energy is interesting. Apparently these were only available in the non alcoholic version of the Degustabox and came in two flavours: mango and passion fruit and apple and berries. While I liked both flavours they had a rather bitter aftertaste due to the added green coffee extract.

Schwartz Authentic American Flavour Spicy Buffalo Wings and BBQ Pulled Chicken seasoning mixes

5. Schwarz American seasonings

The Spicy Buffalo Wings mix was one of the products I was dissatisfied to receive, especially if it has a whopping hotness score of four chillies that makes it extra hot, so I gave it to support staff in my block of flats for them to try in my meals. I am obliged to give the BBQ Pulled Chicken mix a try though because I love barbecue flavoured food.

Light Bites Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt and Quinoa, Honey and Pumpkin Seeds Superfood Seed Bar (both are exclusive to Superdrug)

6. Light Bites

During the filming of my unboxing and review video I overlooked the fact that these are exclusive to Superdrug stores. They are also designed for the Lighter Life Plus slimming programme.

The mango pieces are freeze dried as are the vanilla yoghurt pieces. While the mango pieces tasted as I expected, the vanilla yoghurt pieces had the taste and consistency of meringue.

20. Light Bites mango and vanilla

The Superfood Seed Bar had flax seeds and sesame seeds in addition to pumpkin seeds. It was chewy and sticky yet had a sweet and nutty taste.

22. Light Bites super seed bar

Eiseberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine

7. Eisberg alcohol free wine

I don’t consume wine unless it is used as a cooking ingredient. The wine came in a small bottle and only has 22 calories per serving. I added it to a risotto and it gave it some extra fruity flavour.


Spoon Granola Apple and Peanut

8. Spoon Granola

I was excited to receive this after having received other cereals in previous editions of the Degustabox. While this cereal had plenty of whole peanuts, I felt there wasn’t enough apple but nevertheless I liked the hint of cinnamon.

Original O’s Cumin and Sesame savoury snack


These reminded me of mini sesame seed topped bagels. I liked the hint of cumin in these but they also tasted quite salty.

Capsicana Chilli and Coconut Brazilian Cook Sauce

10. Chilli and coconut sauce

Besides the Schwartz Spicy Buffalo Wings seasoning mix, this is the second product I was disappointed to receive in the box due to its spiciness so I also gave it to my support staff.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs


Whilst completing the questionnaire for the May Degustabox I was given a clue of receiving a Walkers product in my June Degustabox. I was delighted to receive these since I tried something similar at my parents’ house one Christmas. These looked very cute and had a rich buttery taste.

Berrywhite Organic Lemon & Lime drink

23. Berrywhite lemon and lime

Photo source: Holland & Barrett

I forgot to take my own individual photograph of this product but you will find it lying between the mango and passionfruit ENRJ drink and the Original O’s in the photograph below. This had a very refreshing taste, especially in the recent heatwave.

Overall despite my dissatisfaction of receiving the Buffalo Wings seasoning and the chilli and coconut cooking sauce I especially enjoyed the limited edition Haribo sweets, the shortbread Scottie dogs and the apple and peanut granola.

1. Products on table

Degustabox you might have been sad to see me go but thank you for providing me with new and exciting products from March 2017 to June 2017. It was great trying them and I’m sure you’ll be happy to see me receiving your boxes again!

You can watch my June 2017 Degustabox unboxing and review video down below:

Degustabox U.K. website:

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