Degusta Box June 2019 Review

Here are the items that came in this month’s box:

Mystery product

This was the product that surprised me the most as it’s the first time I received a mystery product in a Degusta Box. The product is made from corn, red lentils, yellow peas, black beans, corn oil and salt. While I like the concept of the product being a healthier version of tortilla chips, it tastes very salty.

Mavericks Snacks

I took the breadsticks to my local food bank because I don’t like the taste of beetroot. The popcorn looked unique from any other. It had a good tangy orange taste at first, but it had an unusual aftertaste.

The Free From Kitchen Co Chocolate

The milk chocolate one tastes like coffee or has a smoky flavour and has a weak, watery aftertaste. Took the salted caramel one to the food bank because I don’t like salted caramel, but I repurchased this bar to keep on hand for my parents next time I see them.

Newman’s Own Italian Dressing

Newman's Own Italian Dressing

I’ve heard of the Newman’s Own most notably used as the brand of dressing for McDonald’s salads. I haven’t tried this dressing yet, but when I do, I will use it on my own salads I plan to make.

DRGN Turmeric Infused Citrus Drink

DRGN (reminds me of dragon with the missing vowels) is one brand I hadn’t heard of prior to receiving this month’s box. The citrus flavour was more prominent than turmeric flavour. I guess the turmeric was added to give the drink its fluorescent yellow colour rather than give it some extra flavour.

Trek Protein Nut Bars

I loved the peanuts with this and the hint of salt especially worked with them. One minor gripe is that they were very similar to the Kind bar I received in the March 2019 box.

Lucozade Strawberry & Watermelon Cooler

The watermelon flavour was more prominent than the strawberry flavour. It had a medicine-like aftertaste much like that of Lucozade Original.

Kolibri Strawberry & Basil Drink

This is described as, “The World’s First Bespoke Bottled Drink,”because it comes with a small nectar container that consumers can use to flavour the drink to their liking. It is available in three flavours: Elderflower & Lime, Strawberry & Basil and Cardamom & Chilli. I received the Strawberry & Basil one and I thought this drink had an interesting bottle design. It had a lovely strawberry aroma, but the basil taste was the most prominent flavour. The other flavour I would like to try the most is the Elderflower & Lime one. On the reverse of the items list is a discount code to use upon purchasing the drinks on Amazon. I would consider using the code to get money off a set of Elderflower & Lime drinks.

Savoursmiths Truffle and Rosemary Potato Crisps

These crisps had lovely herby and earthy notes. I have even ordered them with an Ocado food shop.

Rowntree’s Randoms

I have had these numerous times before receiving the box. The sweets have lovely fruity flavours in a variety of shapes, colours and textures.

Hellmann’s Chilli Mayonnaise and Garbanzo Thai Sweet Chilli Chickpeas

These are two other products I took to my local food bank as I was worried they’d be too hot or spicy for my tastes.

Degusta Box June 2019 Flatlay

All in all, I was almost as pleased with the June 2019 box as I was with the May box. My favourite items were the Savoursmiths Truffle and Raspberry Potato Crisps and the Rowntree’s Randoms, although I’m sure I’ll like the Newman’s Own Italian Dressing too when I try it. The Lucozade, the Mavericks popcorn, the DRGN drink, the Free From Kitchen Co. milk chocolate, the Kolibri strawberry and basil drink and the mystery product were okay, although I chose to take the remaining products to my local food bank because they contained flavours and ingredients I don’t like.

Degustabox U.K. website:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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