Why I Don’t Go to Summer in the City

While I have already attended influencer events such as #BlogConLDN and the Blogosphere Festival, one event in this category that I never consider attending is Summer in the City. Here’s why:

First and foremost, the event offers higher ticket prices than I can usually afford as it takes place over three days every year. Sure the event looks as if there is a lot to do as I have seen in vlogs that took place there, but their ticket prices are out of my league. Similar events I attended last year were somewhat more affordable, especially #BlogConLDN because I got a lot for my money even though the convention was just for one day.

The second reason I don’t go to SitC is because there will be some creators at this year’s event who I am pretty unfamiliar with, especially if I don’t watch or follow them (exceptions included creators who did panels with those I was already familiar with and I even started following them in the run-up to the events). Because I am not as familiar with those creators as I am with those I have met before, I thought it would be awkward of me to meet them in real life (at the time of writing this post, I went through a phase of feeling more awkward than usual around unfamiliar people). It’s a pity I will miss the opportunity of meeting creators I’m more familiar with again, although I already met some at last year’s #BlogConLDN as well as last year’s Blogosphere Festival. I also hope to meet some more influencers who are very well-known to me at this year’s Blogosphere Festival whether I have already met them or not. There is also another reason I don’t attend SitC that I prefer to keep to myself.

For the first time ever this year, there will be a spin-off event of SitC called Winter in the City that will take place two weeks after the Blogosphere Festival. Since WitC will take place in Birmingham, which is quite some distance from where I live, I will not be attending this event either.

To conclude, while SitC looks like a fun event that is attended by many familiar faces in the creator industry overall and I like the concept of WitC, the only factors that prevent me from attending are the ticket prices that are more than I can afford and the presence of creators I am not overly familiar with as well as the distance to WitC. However, I am happy that I will be giving the Blogosphere Festival another chance this year because it will take place over two days and there will be more to do there as opposed to last year’s event.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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