Degusta Box November 2019 Review

I received the following items in the November 2019 Degusta Box:

Double Dutch Premium Mixers in Cranberry & Ginger and Cucumber & Watermelon

Because I don’t drink alcohol, I mixed these with diet lemonade. Both mixers are carbonated. I could only faintly taste the Cranberry & Ginger version when mixed with the lemonade. As for the Cucumber & Watermelon version, the two flavours were equally balanced and I could still taste them when mixed with the lemonade.

Rating: 7/10 for the Cranberry & Ginger, 8/10 for the Cucumber & Watermelon

Pure Leaf Matcha Mint Tea

Pure Leaf Matcha Mint

I don’t really like the taste of matcha tea, so I gave this to my dad to pass onto my mum. She liked this tea very much.

Mum’s rating: 8/10

Food Thoughts Cacao Melts Fine Dark Chocolate Discs

These have 70% cocoa solids. I used these to make a chocolate sauce (using a recipe from Nosh for Students by Joy May) to serve with mini brownies and vanilla ice cream. The sauce was rich and chocolatey.

The melts came with a recipe for Chocolate Orange Cupcakes that I might make one day.

Rating: 8/10

Real Handful Strawberry Stomp Fruit, Nut & Seed Trail Mix

Firstly, I love the name of this product because it reminds me of my blog name. This mix consists of dried strawberries, strawberry-infused raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds and jumbo flame raisins. My favourite way to eat this mix was sprinkled on top of a cereal cocktail made of Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch cereal, Kellogg’s Strawberry Krispies and Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake powder mixed with skimmed milk. The combination worked beautifully and it was inspired by the very first cereal cocktail I ever tried when I visited the Cereal Killer cafe when it first opened in its original location in Brick Lane, East London, in 2014.

The trail mix came with a flyer to promote the product and a coupon to get £1.00 off a bag from Tesco.

Rating: 9/10

Mr Lee’s Noodles – Zen Garden Vegetables

These remind me of a healthier version of Pot Noodle. I liked how the bottom of the pot was clear so that I could see what the noodles and vegetables looked like. While I enjoyed the hint of ginger and the altogether clean taste, I kept having to pick out the bits of cauliflower because I don’t like it, which was very annoying.

Rating: 7/10

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk

I had already tried the coconut milk version of this when it came in my very first Degusta Box (March 2017) and while I liked its taste, I didn’t like its lumpy texture. As a lover of chocolate and hazelnut combinations, I was quite excited to find this in my box. I slightly preferred this version to the coconut one due to its subtle yet realistic hint of hazelnut and its texture wasn’t lumpy this time around.

Rating: 8/10

Duerr’s Half Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade

I’m familiar with the Duerr’s brand due to Warner Leisure Hotels hotels and resorts offering their jams and marmalade. Subscribers of the November 2019 box either received the original Duerr’s Seville Orange Marmalade or the Half Sugar version. I received the latter, which I prefer because it is lower in calories and sugar in comparison to other marmalade brands on the market. I first tried the marmalade on some buttered toast and it tasted less sweet than other brands, but it still maintained a zingy orange flavour.

Rating: 8/10

POP Power of Peanuts Crunchy Peanut Bar

This put me in mind of peanut brittle. While I liked the crunch of the peanuts and the smoothness of the dark chocolate coating at the bottom, I found that this had the tendency to stick to my teeth.

Rating: 8/10

Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs

I found the concept of this snack very interesting. The puffs had a light and melt-in-your-mouth texture and a realistic peanut/peanut butter taste.

Rating: 9/10

This month’s box came with two competitions: one with Mr Lee’s Noodles where consumers could send selfies of themselves slurping the brand’s noodles in order to win a mixed box of them and one from Degusta Box themselves where subscribers could win a free box for sending in pictures of themselves or their families or friends enjoying products from the November 2019 box. I didn’t enter either competition because I found that pretty much every variety of Mr Lee’s Noodles has cauliflower in it while I was too busy with things like finishing off my paid scheme at work and preparing for Christmas to enter the Degusta Box competition.

Degusta Box 19 Flatlay

All in all, I was mostly pleased with the November 2019 Degusta Box. My favourite products were the Real Handful Strawberry Stomp Trail Mix and the Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs while my least favourite products were the Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger and the Mr Lee’s Zen Garden Vegetables noodles. The rest of the products I tried were very good.

Overall rating including for the Pure Leaf Matcha Mint Tea: 80/100

Degusta Box U.K website:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed apart from my mum’s on the mint matcha tea are my own.

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