2019 Highlights

2019 Highlights Letter Board

2019 has been a mixture of peaks and troughs. While the low points included losing my great aunt earlier in the year, dealing with a difficult comment on one of my YouTube videos and being involved in a shocking incident in August as well as several, “Why bother?/What’s the point?” moments, highlights have included the following:

28th January – Started volunteering for a neurodivergent recruitment agency called Exceptional Individuals.

15th February – Good Grief, Charlie Brown! exhibition

4th March – Arrival of my cousin Lewis and his partner Megan’s baby boy Ethan

28th March – Reached 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel!

18th – 28th April – Easter break with my family including Disney On Ice on the 26th.

17th May – My 32nd birthday

3rd June – Started working for Exceptional Individuals on a part-time paid basis.

23rd – 30th June – Family trip to South Shields and surrounding areas

5th July – Bloom, Allergy & Free From and Just V shows

7th August – Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine exhibition

6th September – Bournemouth trip to visit my friend Paula

11th September – Swansea trip to see my friends Carys and Cath

16th October – Matilda the Musical

8th November – Spirit of Christmas Fair

15th – 16th November – Blogosphere Festival 2019

2nd December – Reverted to a voluntary role at Exceptional Individuals.

12th December – Mamma Mia! the Musical

23rd – 27th December – Warner Leisure Hotels Christmas break at the Holme Lacy House Hotel

I have decided to write a list of highlights to round off 2019 instead of a standard Year in Review post because I have already written life updates in my Quarterly Favourites posts. To read more detailed accounts of my year, please read the following posts:

January, February and March 2019 Favourites Part 1 plus Life Update: https://stompgal87.blog/2019/05/20/january-february-and-march-2019-favourites-part-1-plus-life-update/

April, May and June 2019 Favourites Part 1 plus Life Update: https://stompgal87.blog/2019/07/25/april-may-and-june-2019-favourites-part-1-plus-life-update/

July, August and September 2019 Favourites Part 1 plus Life Update: https://stompgal87.blog/2019/11/02/july-august-and-september-2019-favourites-plus-life-update-part-1/

Once I’ve written about my October, November and December 2019 Favourites, I will add the link here.

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post.

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