Degusta Box February 2020 Review

The theme for the February 2020 box was Easter is Coming. It contained the following items:

Nestlé Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies

I’m already a lover of Maltesers Bunnies, so when I heard there were going to be Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Bunnies on the market for Easter 2020, I was very excited. I’ve already tried the Kit Kat Bunnies, both in normal sized form and mini form, before finding two normal sized versions in the box and I especially love how the filling has a rich sweet biscuit/wafer-like taste as well as crispy wafer pieces.

The day before I received the box, Degusta Box posted a picture of a cute bunny on their Instagram page as a spoiler clue to what members could receive in their boxes. I partially guessed a Kit Kat Bunny in the comments and three winners who guessed the correct answer won 10 Degusta Points. To my surprise, the bunnies are gluten free unlike regular Kit Kat bars.

Rating: 10/10

Lost Coast Food Co Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Juice – Mango, Turmeric and Ginger

Lost Coast drink 2

I was sceptical about this drink when I saw it had apple cider vinegar in it in case it would have a string hint. When I tried the drink however, the most prominent flavour I could detect was that of the mango. I could barely taste the ginger, turmeric and vinegar at all and I found its description of being a juice rather misleading.

Rating: 8/10

Mug Shot High Protein Roast Chicken Pasta

I have tried Mug Shot products before and I was intrigued to hear that there are high protein versions available. This was as good as the original Mug Shots Chicken Pasta albeit with more protein and it made a quick working from home lunch. Some pieces of pasta were still a bit crunchy, but I put it down to not quite stirring the pasta thoroughly enough after I added the boiling water.

Rating: 8/10

Galaxy Vegan Caramelised Hazelnut

This is another new product I had heard of and wanted to try with the exception of the Caramel & Sea Salt variety, so I was pleased to receive the Caramelised Hazelnut one in my box. The bars come in outer cardboard packaging that is easily recyclable while the inner cellophane-like packaging is made from wood pulp rather than plastic in an attempt to make the bars more environmentally friendly.

The Caramelised Hazelnut bar was smooth with the great taste of hazelnut while the caramelised hazelnut bits gave the bar a wonderful crunchy texture. Despite the bar being labelled as vegan, it says it may contain traces of milk and it is not suitable for milk allergy sufferers, which really confuses me. I had this same feeling about Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate from a previous Degusta Box.

Rating: 8.5/10

My Sweet Chickpea Coconut & Dark Chocolate Roasted Chickpeas

Like the Lost Coast drink, I was sceptical when I found these in my box because I had never heard of chickpeas being mixed with sweet foods before (although I did overlook the fact that chickpeas were also in the Eat Natural Simply Vegan bar from the January 2020 box). Nevertheless, they looked interesting to try. The coating had balanced flavours of dark chocolate and coconut.

Rating: 8/10

Shaken Udder Chocolush Milkshake

Due to the perishable nature of this product, I was given a voucher to redeem a free 330ml bottle of Shaken Udder milkshake from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons. I redeemed a bottle of the Chocolush flavour from my local Morrisons. Although it had a hint of chocolate, I could taste a hint of vanilla more.

Rating: 7/10

Trek Protein Flapjacks Cocoa Oat

When I first tried this, I liked the chocolate coating, but not the aftertaste of the main flapjack part. I liked this better with some Jim Jam’s chocolate spread put on it.

Rating: 7/10 on its own, 8/10 with chocolate spread.

Jacked Ndizi Chunks

Although I can’t pronounce the name of this type of banana, these were simply chunks of dried banana. They were chewy in texture and had a strong banana taste. The information on the back of the packet was very interesting to read.

Rating: 8/10

Heinz No Added Sugar Disney Frozen and Paw Patrol Pasta Shapes

Even though I don’t watch Paw Patrol and I have had other products featuring characters from the popular children’s programme before such as whole milk cartons and Yummy Bakes, I am a huge fan of the Frozen franchise. In the past I had ordinary Heinz SpongeBob SquarePants pasta shapes and they were really good, so I was happy to see that Heinz now make no added sugar versions of their pasta shapes.

Heinz Frozen Pasta Shapes 2

I ate the Frozen pasta shapes with burgers and mini potato waffles. The pasta shapes came in more tomato sauce than I thought they would. They had an unusual savoury flavour that was hard to describe.

Heinz Paw Patrol Pasta Shapes 2

I ate the Paw Patrol pasta shapes on some buttered toast and these were much tastier on toast than with burgers and waffles because I could really taste the tang of the tomato sauce this way.

Rating: 7/10 with burgers and waffles, 8/10 on buttered toast

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard

Grey Poupon Mustard

I haven’t tried this yet, so I cannot rate it. Nevertheless, it is good to have on standby and I can start using it after I have used up the mustard I already have.

Livia’s Salted Caramel Million Squares and Very Lazy Harissa Tagine Slow Cooking  Paste Pots

I donated these to my local food bank because I don’t like salted caramel and I was worried the slow cooking paste pots would be too spicy for me.

Degusta Box Feb 20 Puzzle

The back of the items list included a food-related dingbats puzzle for subscribers to solve. There was also a promotion where members could invite family and friends to try a Degusta Box, a discount code would be sent to family a friends and the members would receive a free box for every two invites.

Degusta Box Feb 20 Flatlay

All in all, I didn’t quite enjoy this box as much as the January 2020 one; however, there were some very good products inside. My favourites were the Nestlé Kit Kat Bunnies followed by the Galaxy Vegan Caramelised Hazelnut bar; the Mug Shots  High Protein Roast Chicken Pasta; the My Sweet Chickpea Coconut & Dark Chocolate Roasted Chickpeas; the Lost Coast Food Co Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Juice – Mango, Turmeric and Ginger; and the Jacked Ndizi Chunks.

Overall rating including the additional ratings of the Trek Protein Flapjack with chocolate spread on it and the Paw Patrol pasta shapes on toast: 87/130

Degusta Box U.K. website:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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