A Day in the Life of Me

In my fourth blog post as part of a Blogtober challenge by Louna from Bursts of Autumn, I will share you a typical day in my life where I volunteer from home.

I volunteer for a neurodivergent recruitment agency called Exceptional Individuals 2 days a week from 11am until 5pm usually on a Monday and a Tuesday, although this can vary if a Monday falls on a bank holiday (in this case, I would volunteer on the Tuesday and the Thursday) or if I want to participate in a Zoom webinar by the agency on a Thursday to keep myself more occupied (therefore, I would volunteer on the Monday and the Thursday). More recently, there was one week where I volunteered from my parents’ house on the Monday and volunteered from my flat on the Wednesday due to having returned to London early as a result of Newport (where my parents live) going into a local lockdown on the Tuesday evening that week. 

Without further ado, here is how I would typically spend a Monday and a Thursday volunteering from home:

I set my alarm for 7.15am on a Monday, but sometimes I wake up before. Regardless of when I wake up, the first things I do are check my social media and e-mails to see what I have missed out on through the night. I also like to have a bit of a YouTube catch up depending on what I fancy watching. I usually stay in bed until around 9am.

Breakfast of Goodbelly Apple, Cranberry and Pumpkin Cereal, Tesco Cholesterol Lowering Strawberry Yoghurt Drink and apple juice

At around 9am, I have a shower and get dressed. I then tune into Ken Bruce (or Gary Davies if he sits in for Ken) on BBC Radio 2 and listen to his mid-morning show from the beginning until after the PopMaster phone-in music quiz (the best part of the show). While I listen to Ken or Gary, I attend to the previous day’s washing up, make myself a cup of peppermint tea and sit on the sofa. I continue to check my social media and e-mails. I then have breakfast, take my medication and brush my teeth. If I have laundry to do, I put on one load and then I hang it up on my airers at lunchtime. 

The Big Fat Dyspraxic Quiz, one of the many Zoom webinars from the agency I took part in.

Next, I log onto my MacBook Pro sometime before 11am and check in with my colleagues through the Skype messenger chat feature (I also message them when I go for lunch, return from lunch and finish for the day). The first thing I do for Exceptional Individuals is share some neurodiversity-related articles that I get by e-mail from Google Alerts onto the agency’s relevant groups for autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia (because there is no dedicated ADHD group by my agency, I share any ADHD-related articles to the agency’s main Facebook page). I then do some YouTube-based work such as adding chapters and extra information to the description of the previous week’s Zoom webinar on a Monday. I take part in the occasional webinar on a Thursday. Sometimes I even watch YouTube videos or Netflix shows if they are relevant to what I am working on. For example, I once watched Love on the Spectrum because one of my colleagues asked me to watch it so that I could write a blog post post about it. 

HelloFresh Speedy Sausage Pasta with Spinach and a side dish of Artisan Garlic Bread

Lunchtime for me is at 1.30pm (my fellow colleagues tend to have different lunchtimes depending on when they start and finish). In this time, I do more washing up, put on another load of laundry (I hang that load up after I finish my volunteering) and eat my lunch. Sometimes I make a sandwich from scratch, sometimes I have leftovers of a meal from the day before. I also relax on my couch until I resume my volunteering at 2.30pm.

In the afternoon, I continue adding extra information to YouTube video descriptions if I still have that to do. Other tasks I tend to do are proofread reports that another colleague sends to me and write up blog posts for the agency. 

Only Connect on TV
The Good Doctor on TV

At 5pm, I finish my volunteering for the day and begin to unwind. I would usually watch some more YouTube videos or play the occasional game of online bingo. At around 6pm to 7pm depending on how I feel, I have my dinner. I also go to local shops after my volunteering sometimes (I sometimes go before volunteering as well). If there is something on TV I particularly enjoy watching, I tend to watch Only Connect on a Monday (I either watch it as it is broadcast at 8pm or catch up on it later in the week if I have a late dinner) or The Good Doctor on a Thursday. 

For the rest of the evening, I check more e-mails and social media updates. I also watch yet more YouTube (sometimes I also watch content on Disney+, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video) or browse the web. From 10pm, I have another shower, brush my teeth again, put my nightclothes on and go to bed.

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