Degusta Box August 2019 Review

From this Degusta Box blog post onwards, I’m going to rate each product I have tried out of 10.

This month’s box consisted of the following:

Mighty Fine Almond Dips – Skinny Coated Dark Chocolate Raspberry

These almonds came coated in chocolate and a cocoa dusting, both of which I believe were flavoured with raspberry. The raspberry flavour added a touch of zing, the chocolate coating and cocoa dusting are both suitably rich and the almonds themselves made a great work from home snack.

Rating: 9/10

UFIT Chocolate Protein Shake

While I don’t usually believe the hype of protein shakes, this was a pleasant addition to the box. The chocolate flavour was a bit subtle to begin with, but with further sips it really began to shine through.

Rating: 7/10

Kit Kat Senses Bars – Hazelnut and Salted Caramel flavours

I got a possible clue about these in a Degusta Box Instagram post. In my Degusta Box from May last year, I already received a mixed box of Kit Kat Senses with Double Chocolate, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel varieties. The Kit Kat Senses bars in this month’s box are made up of three pieces much like those in the boxes. Although I already like the Hazelnut variety, I decided to give the Salted Caramel one away to my dad because I don’t like salted caramel. I also gave my dad another Salted Caramel bar for him to pass onto my mum. Both my parents liked the Salted Caramel bars.

Rating: 9/10 for the Hazelnut variety, 1/10 for the Salted Caramel variety (I originally tried a single piece of it from the mixed box).

Attack a Snak Nachos Snack Kit

This seemed like a fun novelty snack in my box, so I decided to take it to work as part of my packed lunch. The tortilla chips were tiny, but were still nicely crunchy, the nacho cheese sauce was creamy and pleasant and the salsa gradually became too spicy for my liking. I would like to try other snacks in this range nonetheless.

Rating: 6/10

Fruit Bowl Juicy Yoghurt Raisins, Unicorn Fruit Flakes, Strawberry Yoghurt Flakes

I have tried yoghurt coated raisins before and they’re great to have as treats every so often. The Juicy Yoghurt Raisins from Fruit Bowl are just like any other brand I have tried with the same smooth yoghurt coating as on the Strawberry Yoghurt Flakes.

23. Unicorn Fruit Flakes

With the unicorn trend still in full swing (not gonna lie, but I’m more of a mermaid person myself), it’s no surprise that I found the Unicorn Fruit Flakes in the box. These had a dry and powdery texture, but I quite liked the prominent strawberry flavour.

I have bought the Strawberry Yoghurt Flakes in the past, but due to the sweet strawberry complimenting the slightly sour yoghurt coating, I would consider repurchasing them, likewise with the Juicy Yoghurt Raisins.

Rating: 8/10 for the Juicy Yoghurt Raisins and the Strawberry Yoghurt Flakes, 7/10 for the Unicorn Fruit Flakes.

Strings & Things Cheeshapes

I received a voucher to redeem a free pack of these in any major U.K. supermarket that sells them. When I went to see my one of my friends in Bournemouth, I picked these up in Asda and tried a packet on the train home.

There are two varieties available: Icons that are based on emojis and Randoms (reminds me of a savoury version of Rowntree’s Randoms as well as the now-defunct Jacob’s Oddities – remember those?) that are based on a wider variety of shapes. I chose the Randoms because they were the most appealing to me. Shapes included a unicorn, a computer game controller, a Cheestrings mascot and an ice cream cone. They had a similar taste and texture to Cheestrings that I loved when I was a child and although there are only six shapes on average in a small packet, these are a fun alternative to the original Cheestrings.

I also purchased a multipack of Icons and I was happy that one packet included an Icon that resembled the Cheestrings mascot.

Rating for both varieties: 8/10

Jelly Squeeze Strawberry, Apple & Blackcurrant and Orange Flavours

These were similar to the Naturelly Jelly Juice that I received in my first ever Degusta Box (March 2017 edition) and bought from the Love Natural, Love You show (now called Bloom) in 2016. The Apple & Blackcurrant variety had the perfect balance of both fruit flavours while the Orange flavour was very natural, but the Strawberry flavour had a bit of an artificial taste before it became sweeter.

Rating: 7/10 for the Apple & Blackcurrant and Strawberry varieties, 8/10 for the Orange variety.

Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread

As a lover of Nutella, I decided to try Nuttvia that I ordered as part of an online food shop as an alternative. When I found a jar of Nuttvia in my box, I was thrilled because I could swiftly move onto it once I’d run out of my existing jar. Unlike Nutella, Nuttvia is free from palm oil and has 97% less sugar compared to similar products on the market. The hazelnut taste of the spread is very rich and I thought it was delicious in porridge as well as on toast and a slice of vanilla cheesecake.

Rating: 8.5/10

Heinz Beef Ravioli

I once tried a supermarket branded version of this when I stayed at my parents’ house and while it was a quick and tasty lunch, I found it harder to enjoy than I expected due to personal insecurities that could have been triggered by certain information on the tin. My experience of eating the Heinz version was more enjoyable most likely because I had a relaxing day when I had it for dinner. The ravioli had balanced flavours of beef and tomato even if it was a bit salty. Although it says there are two servings in the can, I ate the whole lot (I also do this with tins of soup) and it was satisfying enough with just 294 calories in the whole can. One serving counts as one of my five a day and I ate the ravioli with some grated reduced fat cheddar cheese on top.

Rating: 8/10

Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea

7. Pure Leaf Tea

This is another product I gave to my dad for him and my mum to try because I don’t like the taste of green tea. Since I gave this product away and didn’t try it, I can’t rate it unfortunately.

3. Dot to Dot

The Degusta Game for August 2019 was a dot-to-dot picture reveal. I loved doing dot-to-dot puzzles when I was a child, so one version of this game was a fun find in my box. Although I never got around to completing the puzzle and entering the competition, I had a wild guess at what the picture could be of.

15. Degusta Box Aug 19 Flatlay

All in all, I was satisfied with most of the products in this box. My particular favourites were the Mighty Fine Almond Dips – Skinny Coated Dark Chocolate Raspberry; the Kit Kat Senses Hazelnut; the Fruit Bowl Juicy Yoghurt Raisins and Strawberry Yoghurt Flakes; the Strings & Things Cheeshapes; the Jelly Squeeze Orange; the Nuttvia Hazelnut Spread; and the Heinz Beef Ravioli.

Overall rating for the products I have tried: 101.5/140

Degusta Box U.K. website:

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own apart from those from my parents.

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