October 2020 Overview

The fully coloured and outlined version of my Six Fan Arts Challenge

For my last post as part of the Blogtober with BOA challenge by Louna from Bursts of Autumn, I will round up the month of October where I discuss how I found this challenge, what went well and what didn’t go to plan.

Here are the other blog posts I have written as part of the challenge:

  1. Hello October – My Hopes for October Are…
  2. 10 Things I Love about the Autumn
  3. My Ideal Autumn Playlist 
  4. A Day in the Life of Me
  5. My Favourite Films and TV Shows to Watch in the Autumn
  6. Things I’m Grateful For
  7. Autumn Food and Baking 
  8. My Favourite Autumn Beverages 
  9. The Body Shop Autumn/ Winter 2020 Haul (a combination of the Favourite Autumn/Halloween Bath & Shower Products and the What’s in my autumn haul shopping bag? prompts)

I also liked the sound of the Autumn Crafts prompt but when I searched for autumnal crafts online, I felt uninspired because a lot of the ideas were more aimed at children.

The thing I liked the most about this challenge is that I could choose whatever autumnal topics I wanted to write about and that I didn’t have to do all the prompts. Reasons I chose not to do all the prompts are because I would probably have found it too much to publish a blog post every single day, especially with my volunteering commitments and also running a YouTube channel, I don’t celebrate Halloween, I don’t currently wear make up and I am not much of a fashionista. 

Family quiz on Microsoft Teams with my parents, my sister Penny with her housemate Lauren (AKA Woods) and my mum’s friend Carol

Referring back to my Hello October post, while I continued my weekly Skype calls with my parents (I even took part in a virtual quiz with them alongside my sister, her housemate and my mum’s friend towards the end of the month), published as many blog posts as I wanted to, tried some new autumnal recipes and did a bit of video editing, I didn’t do as much video editing as I planned probably due to a lack of motivation to do it. I was also hoping to do my own Race for Life 5k walk at the end of this month, but I have further postponed it to November because I was feeling under the weather early in the day I planned to do it, but I did set up a fundraising page. As for my Six Fan Arts Challenge, I finished the colouring and outlines of Captain Marvel (I also drew Elsa, Batman, Donald Duck, Forky and Kermit the Frog earlier this year), but I still need to scan all of the characters I drew in my own style into my laptop, touch them up in Adobe Photoshop, put them in the Six Fan Arts template and post them on Instagram. I didn’t get to try The Body Shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel because it was out of stock online for pretty much all of October and I am avoiding public transport to travel to my nearest high street The Body Shops that are actually a little further afield from where I live because I live in a Tier 2 zone as part of the current COVID-19 safety restrictions in England.

To conclude, I was successful in areas such as writing 10 blog posts as part of the Blogtober with BOA challenge, cooking, baking, and keeping in touch with my parents; however, I was slightly less successful with my video editing, my 5k walk and my Six Fan Arts Challenge. At least I can use November to work on what I was less successful with in October.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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